The Triple D

The Story

The first thing you need to know about the race – it is a bit of a circus… but that is by design! As you traverse the scenic route by bike or by foot, you’ll receive little support. Whether you’re juggling water bottles as you skate down Heritage Trail, or balancing a tight-rope as you cross a thin bridge on the bike route, there is something for outdoor enthusiasts of all ability levels at the Triple D Winter Race!

All Triple D Race events include:

  • 70-Mile Endurance Bike Race
  • 35-Mile Bike Race
  • Poker Tour, for those who want to enjoy a slightly shorter ride with more food and drink
  • Ultra Marathon
  • Full Marathon
  • Half Marathon
  • 5k stroll to get out of the house on a winter day


Important: Safety Changes for 2021 Race

This event is a circus, and the pandemic only adds to our chaos. In order to keep our event alive, we had the tough decision to make some changes to the event so that we could still safely get everyone out on the trail to enjoy the winter.  Here are the changes from our normal event:

  • No Poker Tour
  • No 70-mile bike, ultra- or full-marathon (we will not have access to the mandatory stops for support/fueling)
  • No pre-race packet pickup or gathering
  • No sponsor hotel
  • No post-race awards party
  • Both bike and run start and finish at the Durango Trailhead (outdoor headquarters)
  • Reduced registration price
  • Maps will be made available digitally
  • Masks will be required at the start line

We know, we're as bummed as you are about the endurance events.  They make this circus what it is! Hopefully we'll be back at it next year!  For now, sign up for the events we're offering and keep the circus alive!

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Cross Dubuque County in the Dead of Winter


Photos from past races

Photos graciously provided by Bob Edwards Photography